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FOX News
Aug 22, 2009 2:30pm EDT
for broadcasting and cable magazine, cal thomas jim pinkerton fellow new america foundation and fox forum contributor and kirsten powers, "new york post" columnist. i'm john scott fox news watch is on right now. >> what is your response so far to the suggestion that the healthcare reform might not include a public option? is it winning any converts angering quarters? >> on the messaging process, do you accept any responsibility on the fact that you haven't some of the other issues on healthcare that you had, whether on incorrect interpretations of the bill other than do you accept any of that responsibility or all just the media's fault? >> mr. president, thank you for taking my call. >> hi tracy. >> hi. until i heard you say that a private option is a sliver of your healthcare proposal recently, i think myself and many americans thought it pretty much was your principle. >> i know. >> can you please explain five or six bullet point of what legislation must include for you to be willing to sign it. for instance employer mandate tofrt reform illegal immigrants wha
FOX News
Aug 8, 2009 11:30pm EDT
the liberal media. take a look america story on the countdown the astroturf of healthcare reform and desperate bid to defeat it. remarkable new video tonight of fake grassroots protesters working from scripts disrupting town hall meeting some democratic lawmakers do not assist on cable tv. then there's this from the new york times. >> the message from the mainstream media seems to be that these things are fake. their so-called astroturf. they're not willing to give credence to the idea that these might be broke people with real emotions. >> john ritter got from peter stood up beside us the highest for my patriotism to if you are your congressmen are an enemy of the state. i can't remember in the last years any movement in america that hasn't gotten sympathetic coverage from the media except for the tea parties earlier this year, except for this. it's obviously part of partisanship and ideological bias sympathetic to disagree. i believe it was ari fleischer who said people need to watch what the senate questionnaire raise criticism. that doesn't wash. i think the media, if they're liberal and f
FOX News
Aug 15, 2009 2:30pm EDT
reading a lot about, the state of health care in america and we must reform the system. it's amazing that all the labels turned anded by those. it says that president obama backed away from nancy pelosi's assertion that people who oppose or criticize the plan, whatever it is, which version this week are unamerican. he says is it unproductive to have people shouting. so we need to know why americans spending twice the nation's capital and other nation between 20 and 30 and 40 in the leading indicators. >> but the blaming of fox news, that's how i took it, the bla blaking of cable tefrgs, they came out originally and blamed the constituents. they called it manufactured outrage and discounted it. clearly insulting people doesn't work, imagine that and now blaming the read yeah. it's a tactic that doesn't work in political campaigns and it's not going to work ever. >> and you know, that's your losing game. >> in fact, that's why clare mck mccaskill stopped doing it. health care is a serious issue, but what the american people are struggling with is the health care policy and health insur
FOX News
Aug 29, 2009 11:30pm EDT
. the other story is what al qaeda is doing. they're sitting in a cave laughing somewhere saying america is about to destroy itself and we're going to sit and watch. >> judy, you are to the times and you cover national security. is the press coverage focusing on the national security applications of the cia think it's all about politics was to mark. >> i think it's about both in its legitimately about both because the director of the cia is a very important factor should be in washington. the dissing of him says a great deal about this administration and the president's attitude towards that institution which on one hand he says he needs and respects, and gives a guarantee that no one will follow the law will be prosecuted, and the next day does something like this, which is used especially by the republicans as undercutting the agency and leon panetta. so it is a fascinating story politically and substantively. >> have reporters made it a point that this is been done before by the inspector general of the cia which mark. >> i think so. the new york times story on friday pointed out they
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)